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The District of Columbia is a foodie’s paradise. Mouthwatering menus and enchanting ambiances are the rule of thumb. The eclectic mix of cultures and nationalities in this city make for exotic offerings and exciting twists traditional favorites. It would almost seem as if a new restaurant, café or bar is popping up every day. Some establishments are the fruition of lifelong dreams, while others act as experiments and extensions of already thriving brands. Renewed Chef Jose Andres is the owner of one of the more successful brands in the city, ThinkFoodGroup. The company operates seven establishments within the district: Jaleo, Oyamel, Minibar, Barmini, Pepe, America Eats and Zaytinya. Each with a different concept and price point, the ThinkFoodGroup never disappoints.

Zaytinya, the last listed though certainly not least, is a stand out with its Turkish, Greek and Lebanese fusion styled cuisine. Drawing from the Turkish influence, the name Zaytinya means “olive oil”. The restaurant offers a “mezze”AZ menu, which are small plates meant for sharing (similar to Spanish tapas). Zaytinya is the perfect destination for all dining occasions.  Brunch is light yet filling and runs until 2:30 pm on the weekends. The $25 prefix lunch allows you to eat like a king for the biggest meal of the day with three courses of mezze to choose from. Dinner selections like seared scallops and Kinsa lamb chops will beg the question of why you don’t eat there more often.

Summers are especially inviting with the beautiful outdoor patio that looks on to the busy Chinatown streets. Additionally, the wine list is the only in the United States to exclusively feature selections from Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Israel. As if Zaytina’s Google, Open Table, Zagat and Yelp reviews weren’t glowing enough, in 2009 the former head chef was featured on the popular Bravo series “Top Chef”. It’s pretty safe to say Zaytinya is the way, and located literally footsteps from The Apartments at CityCenter, we recommend that you hurry without delay.

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