How Do You Take Your Fitness? - The Apartments at CityCenter

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Does working out come easy for you? Ever just people watch at the gym? Everybody has their own “approach” to getting in their fitness time. Some prefer to workout alone. These people hit all their favorite machines, and find pleasure in pushing themselves pass their own limits. While some prefer to work with a trainer for guidance and support, others like classes. You name it, they’ve tried it. People who prefer fitness classes seem engaged when surrounded by people with similar fitness goals, while others are fine by themselves. Sound familiar? We have you in mind, which is one reason why The Apartments at CityCenter offers such a vast CenterClub. 

While some remain engaged in a regular workout routine, there are the people who don’t seem to connect at all. They try hard when going to the gym but are easily overwhelmed by the whole gym experience. You see them show up. They try this machine, or that machine, do some cardio, join a class or two or three, and before long they fall off until the gym is no longer a priority. They may retreat to their homes, but before long they are back at the gym to try it all over again. Is this you? If so we have covered as well. The Apartments at CityCenter staff create classes to accommodate you.

FitnessFirst programming covers all workout or non-workout preferences; we offer something for everybody. And we remain interested in adding more to the program, all to accommodate YOUR routine. FitnessFirst is the name of our healthy lifestyle programming. Through it, we offer access to the latest physical fitness and healthy living options. With the holidays coming, visiting the CenterClub may be on the top of your priority list. Visit the concierge’s desk if you’d like to see a new class added, or new feature offered, anything to help you obtain and maintain the life you want. 



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