Smooth Landings at The Apartments at CityCenter

Spring and summer are D.C.’s favorite seasons. Each year the city shakes itself free from winter’s frosty grip and blossoms into a paradise. Restaurant patios and rooftops begin to open and parks become flooded with tourists and residents ready for fun.

The Landings at The Apartments at CityCenter

The recent influx of people into the city has only added to the summer excitement. There are more opportunities to fellowship outdoors than ever before. But – there is a downside. That secret spot you once loved at the park or café on the corner is now frequented by all of your new neighbors!

So, what happens when you lose your sacred space? You find a new one. Now, that is much easier said than done though not at all impossible. In fact, your new spot may be closer than you think…

The Apartments at CityCenter was designed to create the optimal living experience. The community comes with several fabulous features and cutting edge amenities, one of the more architecturally impressive being The Landings.

The Landings are beautifully landscaped spaces that can be found throughout the two towers that make up The Apartments at CityCenter . Perfect for outdoor dining, people watching, enjoying a good book, or simply taking in the city’s sights, these spaces are sure to fill the void once occupied by your now overcrowded community park.

This is just one of the unique and exclusive luxury amenities afforded to residents of The Apartments at CityCenter. To elevate your style of living, give us a call at (202) 609-8185.



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