September “Paw-Parazzi” Winner Roxy - The Apartments at CityCenter


Roxy is a rescue dog from Louisiana and September’s Paw-Parazzi winner. She is a mix of German Shepherd and Catahoula, a Louisiana herding dog, and she regularly mocks her slow, plodding masters who tire long before she does. Roxy was raised in bucolic Rockville, Md., but now that she’s trained her masters to avoid grates and manhole covers, she enjoys walks around the Mall and sometimes tense encounters with Park Police horses.

If you want us to shout-out why your furry friend is one of a kind, submit your funny and adorable pictures of your pet to us.  All October “Paw-Parazzi” Winner entries can be submitted to TaccConcierge@bozzuto.com, and let us know why your pet is a star!



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