Who’s up for Rooftop Bocce? - The Apartments at CityCenter

Roof grill area

Warm weather and fantastic views are both great reasons to head to the roof of The Apartments at CityCenter – and our free rooftop bocce court is a great way to enjoy yourself once you’re there!

Have you ever played bocce? Just imagine a game almost anyone can play that combines the best of skee-ball, bowling, and shuffleboard.

According to the U.S. Bocce Federation, “bocce is a competitive and precision sport aimed at rolling or throwing balls down a long, rectangular court with the goal of trying to rest your ball(s) closer to the target ball (pallino) than your opponent’s ball.”

You can find a set of bocce balls at most variety or sports stores, or online, for a minimal investment. Try a game next time you decide to grill up a meal and we’ll bet you’ll become hooked on this international pastime!




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