Must Love Indie Films - The Apartments at CityCenter

If you love film and find yourself in search of a more stimulating storyline, there is a place for you. Even better, it’s closer than you think!

Located only footsteps away from your Apartments at CityCenter home, the Landmark E Street Cinema at 555 11th Street NW offers a different type of movie going experience. Built on a platform of exhibition, the theater offers independent, foreign, 3D and smart Hollywood titles. The atmosphere is rich, concessions gourmet, and alcoholic beverages make it the perfect place for a better movie experience.

E Street Cinema

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Image: E Street Cinema

Now Showing

Tim’s Vermeer
It was one of the art world’s biggest mysteries and Tim Jenison was determined to crack the case. Using his skills in research, he embarked on a journey of epic proportions. Lasting eight years, his work took him on an adventure from one country to the next. Each stop getting him that much closer to a truth he would share with world. Read more

If you received a million dollar letter, how far would you go to claim your prize? Directed by Alexander Payne and nominated for 6 Academy Awards, Nebraska is a trip down the emotional turnpike. The dark yet comedic story follows a father and son as they travel across four states in response to a sweepstakes mailing. Read more

To say she was lovelorn would be an understatement. A woman past her prime, Gloria’s happiness was fleeting. Her evenings were spent searching for love on the night club circuit while her days were constant reminders of poor decisions and time wasted. Until one day something changes, she meets an interesting character named Rodolfo. Together they ignite and inspire one another in ways neither knew were possible. (subtitles) Read more

Yes, there are other mainstream cinemas also nearby showing the latest blockbuster thrillers, but Landmark E Street Cinema is an elegant option for those who appreciate indie films and are looking to expand their cinematic horizons .

Landmark E Street Cinema; 555 11th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004; (202) 783-9494



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