Charity Begins at Home - Supporting Food & Friends DC

Food friends chef

At The Apartments at CityCenter, we believe that supporting the community isn’t limited to the holiday season. We will be partnering with local charities throughout the year, making it easy for you, our residents, to give where you live and make this corner of your world feel like home.


Starting in February, we will be offering support to Food & Friends, the only DC-based charity that provides food, nutrition counseling and friendship to people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses. Food & Friends’ staff of professional chefs and community dietitians design meals that meet the special dietary needs of persons living with a broad range of illnesses. These meals are delivered 6 days a week – every week – throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia at no cost to the recipients.

The impact of the work done at Food & Friends is best explained by some of their clients:

“I am extremely lucky to have Food & Friends in my life. I would never look or feel good without your help, care and support.”

“They are always kind and professional, even the little 12-year old boy who delivers to us. It gives you this sense of humanity, like you’re in contact with a larger community than yourself, and it just gives you this little pin prick happiness.”

“Since I have been dealing with Food & Friends, my health has been beautiful. I haven’t been in any hospital. My doctor says I am getting better.”

Look for special collection boxes at the Concierge Desk in each building and donate generously. $25 will provide one full day of meals for a child or adult living with a life-challenging illness. We are collecting cash and checks made to Food & Friends. The change in your pockets at the end of each day could make a huge difference to someone struggling in our community.



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