Design Therapy in D.C. - The Apartments at CityCenter

D.C.’s urban fabric is unparalleled. Walking down any street, you see remnants of the past – strong European influences and dashes of modern flare. Every building has its own personality and adds its unique flavor to the city’s scape, making each building a seam in the fabric of the overall beautiful community.

TACC Pool Dusk

When the CityCenterDC project was in its beginning stages, the acclaimed architects at Foster and Partners set out to create a space that was beautiful and complimentary to its surroundings. The result is a gem designed for life, work, and play, smack in the heart of our nation’s capital.

The Apartments at CityCenter, designed by local architect Shalom Baranes Associates, boasts a list of design features that goes on and on, each more impressive than the last. Starting from the outside and working our way in, the Terracotta exterior allows air to circulate behind the wall panels, which improves insulation and translates to energy savings. Green spaces can be found throughout the property, creating the illusion of a suburban sized backyard in an apartment setting. The interior is modern, chic and clean. Glass staircases connect common areas while stone accents and back painted glass act as decoration.

Units come with beautiful and sustainable bamboo floors, quartz countertops and massive floor to ceiling windows. The views and natural sunlight are amazing bonus features, compliments of great design. You won’t find an apartment like this anywhere else in the city!

Stop in for a tour – your eyes will widen in awe.



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