Get Wired at ConnectionsCafe - The Apartments at CityCenter

All work and no play is bound to make you a dull boy (or girl). But let’s face it, sometimes you have to tighten up and get down to business.  For some people, this means getting cozy at their desk or right in their home at The Apartments at CityCenter for a few hours until their tasks are complete. Then there are those of us who need to step outside the comfort of home to really focus.


The public library can be a bit overwhelming and feel a bit dated.  Starbucks transforms into a club as everyone flocks to sip their lattes and surf the web. Bookstores are pretty much nonexistent these days. Is there anywhere you can go to get piece and quite while you work?

Of course, because you live in one of the fabulous units at The Apartments at CityCenter, and that means tons of exclusive perks!

Footsteps from your door there is place you can go with your own laptop or use one of the shiny new macs located in the ConnectionsCafé. The café even has a Starbucks vending machine for your sipping pleasure. No more procrastinating on your couch or suffering from lack of caffeine. At ConnectionsCafé, you’ll be surrounded by your neighbors hard at work (and play!).



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