"Celebrate diverse, authentic and beautiful traditions — both old and new" at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival! - The Apartments at CityCenter

This year the Folklife Festival celebrates resilient communities around the world. Discover how the Basque country sustains culture, drawing on traditions to innovate in a rapidly changing world. At the 2016 Folklife Festival, Sounds of California will present a series of evening concerts as well as daytime performances and activities, offering a glimpse into how musical culture mirrors the movements reshaping the state and the nation today

One of the big reasons for highlighting Basque culture is its successful language revitalization program. “The Basques took a language that was disappearing and through community activism and public-policy advocacy, have brought Euskara into the schools and into everyday usage,” said Mary S. Linn, program co-curator, in a statement. Visitors will get the chance to learn some of the language.

Learn renowned cooking techniques and phrases in the Euskara language. Experience bertsolaritza poetry competitions and stone-lifting matches. You’ll find many Basque master craftspeople at work, making espadrille shoes, pottery, textiles, stone carvings, iron fencing, and enormous paintings. Drink a refreshing glass of cider or rioja wine and meet master artisans.


At the 2016 Folklife Festival, “Sounds of California” includes musical influences from Armenia, Mexico, the Philippines, and beyond. Representing the Afghan exile community in the United States, Homayoun Sakhi is a renowned rubâb player and Smithsonian Folkways Recordings artist.

See him perform in the evening concert on June 30 with tabla virtuoso Salar Nader. See the complete evening concert schedule here: http://s.si.edu/1XNujrO





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