Car Sharing Benefits the Planet – and Our Residents

Living in the center of the city at the Apartments at CityCenter, getting around town is easy. So much is in walking distance, including metro stations that can get you into the suburbs in minutes.

But for those times when you need wheels, car sharing is an option that not only saves you money but also helps to save our planet.  Consider these benefits:

  • Save money on gas, parking, car maintenance and registration fees
  • Access to a variety of vehicles to fit your needs at the moment
  • Fewer cars on the road lead to less air pollution

At the Apartments at CityCenter, we make it easy to care for our planet. In fact, residents can take advantage of a special offer through our Privilege Card Program for car sharing and enjoy $30 in free driving from Zipcar.



REMEMBER: share your environmental tips with a photo on Twitter or Instagram for a chance at $1,000 and a new bicycle from @Bozzuto! Use the hashtag #BeTheGreen. The winning post will be randomly selected on April 30th. Good luck!

Car Sharing Benefits the Planet – and Our Residents



Taking Care of You in the New Year

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Cough, cough, sniffle, hack, sore throat, and then the ever popular chills. Blankets and warm tea won’t shake the worst colds and flu. The melodies of sick sounds are in the air, and are always looking for new human hosts.

How do you take care of yourself during the colder months? Naturally, keeping our regularly scheduled check ups are important. Physicians prescribe and advise on several remedies and medications which help. Here are five of our recommendations for keeping The Apartments at CityCenter buzzing with fun, instead of sounds of cold and flu.

1. Remember to wash your hands often. Washington our hands my not create a germ-free environment, but it can cut down on the spread of them.

2. Use antibacterial wipes and hand liquid. We have many touch – points, from the front door, to the handrail along the stairs, elevator buttons, door knobs, computer keyboards, and more. A wipe or two throughout the day can help decrease the spread of germs.

3. Consult your doctor quickly if you feel the onset of cold or flu – like symptoms. Some are skilled at ridding themselves of illness quickly. Others can see cold symptoms linger. It’s never a bad idea to connect with your physician about your health.

4. Maintain your healthy eating and fitness routine. Healthy bodies combat illnesses a lot better than when we don’t keep ourselves fit. Our FitnessFirst programming can augment most fitness programs. Check with your physician to determine which programming is best for you, then join in on the fun!

5. Suggest new programs and health topics for upcoming events. Are you very connected in the Washington, DC area and have access to fitness and healthy living experts? Let us know who they are. We can’t program around them all, but we can try.

Spring will be here before we know it! Let’s all stay healthy together.



Five Ways to Remember Your New Year’s Resolution

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Here it comes, end of year personal assessment time.  Now is the time of year when many people think of ways to make positive changes in life. We all consider ways to do things different or better, or stop doing things altogether.  Unfortunately, the New Year season soon wears off and the “resolutions” we make with it.

Making a to-do list can be relatively easy. Remembering it requires a bit more effort. Here are five tips to keep your new priorities top of mind.

  1. Keep your list short

As tempting as it may be to make a long list of improvements, the likelihood of getting through an extensive list can become exhausting. Creating one or two priorities will make it a lot easier to remember what to focus on each day.

  1. Use short descriptors for each resolution

Fancy words are great, but when it comes to daily commitments, short descriptors can be easily recalled when urges arise. Posting short lists on sticky pads, and note cards and placing them in areas you frequent such as your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or even night lamp and computer monitor can be effective.

  1. Create reasonable goals

Think about the goals you create. Are they reasonable? If you have a very ambititous challenge, try breaking it into two or three goals.  For example, if you have a goal to reduce eating out costs, creating a goal of days to cook per week is one way to impact that priority. Another goal might be to determine one eating out night per week. Another goal might be to eat left overs at least twice per week. Before you know it, you will have a full week of planned dinner goals thereby allowing you to achieve your challenge.

  1. Establish frequent milestones

Milestones are the key to keeping up with resolutions. Daily, weekly or monthly checklists can help move through the year with ease. If you are good at sticking to your goals, then monthly milestones may be best.

  1. Reward yourself along the way

Resolutions are great when we reach the finish line, but we can celebrate the entire way though if we plan it. Rewarding ourselves can be as basic as buying ourselves a new book, blouse or sweater, or as extravagent as booking a few short weekend getaways. This all depends on the timeline we set for our resolutions and how challenging they may be to reach.

The main point is to have fun along the way. 2015 is going to be great.



Do You Have This Book?

Community Guide Photo

The “Community Guidebook” that is. Many say that moving is one of the biggest experiences in life. We at CityCenterDC know. There are new surroundings to see, new routes to learn back and forth to work, new neighbors, amenities and so much more.  This is one reason why we created this publication just for you, our residents. The Apartments at CityCenter is perfect for the highly engaged professional who appreciates easy access to information. Our 24 hour Concierge service allows you to enjoy all the comforts of a world-class resort. A few of the many services offered are mail and package retrieval, taxi requests, valet dry cleaning services, and even plant watering when you’re away. It’s easy to communicate with our concierge team. Visit BuildingLink, the online resident portal, or stop by the Concierge in person at either of our locations near the front doors any time. 

Appreciate healthy and sustainable living tips? The Community Guidebook provides information on local farmers markets, CSA’s, Community Supported Agriculture, a system that connects farmers to city residents local recycling programs. Also, you will find a system map of Metro. By the way, did you know that CityCenterDC is accessible by all five Metro rail lines? You’ll even find a quick list of recycling Do’s and Don’ts for Green Cleaning Products. 

From a list of local drugstores, and gas stations, to live theaters, local schools, daycare centers, pet care services, and more, we had you in mind. We even included a list of local ice cream eateries, and pizza places, ethnic cuisine hot spots, bars and pubs. There is so much to see in the Community Guidebook, all to help you settle in a lot easier. After all, The Apartments at CityCenter promises that this is a residence like no other.  Here, you compromise nothing, and you sacrifice nothing. 



Think Big and Go Green at The Apartments at CityCenter

Protecting our planet is our responsibility. Living green is no passing trend – it’s the new standard by which we should strive to live. With so many people in the world, it can be hard to see how your single contribution makes a difference.

However, there are many things you can do to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. Beyond recycling and using reusable bags, it is important for consumers to support businesses committed to sustainability. In doing so, your green efforts are magnified.

LEED Silver Certification Read More



Smooth Landings at The Apartments at CityCenter

Spring and summer are D.C.’s favorite seasons. Each year the city shakes itself free from winter’s frosty grip and blossoms into a paradise. Restaurant patios and rooftops begin to open and parks become flooded with tourists and residents ready for fun.

The Landings at The Apartments at CityCenter Read More



Living Green at CityCenterDC

Sustainable living is no passing trend. Taking steps (even small ones) to reduce your carbon footprint and share in the preservation of our planet is the new standard. Fortunately, The Apartments at CityCenter is already a green-friendly facility, but there are always a few things you can do to make your new home even greener! Here are some of our top tips for going green at home.

Flickr | Three Energy Saving Light Bulbs | Anton Fomkin Read More



Take a Virtual Guided Tour of The Apartments at CityCenter in Downtown Washington, DC

IF you haven’t had the chance to schedule a tour of the brand new luxury apartments homes in Downtown Washington, DC yet, you are in luck. Join us for a virtual guided tour of The Apartments at CityCenter and then come by to see the community for yourself!



Grow Your Own Indoor Herb Garden at The Apartments at CityCenter

With all the steel and cement of city living, sometimes you need a touch of green to stimulate balance. As DC continues to move through its great revitalization, sustainability and living green have really come to the forefront. Urban farming has emerged as a more hands on way to produce healthier vegetation. The concept was rooted in an effort to combat “food deserts”, areas within the city with shortages of fresh produce. The farms quickly kicked off the desire for more locally sourced food for restaurants and and became community unifiers.

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