Car Sharing Benefits the Planet – and Our Residents

Living in the center of the city at the Apartments at CityCenter, getting around town is easy. So much is in walking distance, including metro stations that can get you into the suburbs in minutes.

But for those times when you need wheels, car sharing is an option that not only saves you money but also helps to save our planet.  Consider these benefits:

  • Save money on gas, parking, car maintenance and registration fees
  • Access to a variety of vehicles to fit your needs at the moment
  • Fewer cars on the road lead to less air pollution

At the Apartments at CityCenter, we make it easy to care for our planet. In fact, residents can take advantage of a special offer through our Privilege Card Program for car sharing and enjoy $30 in free driving from Zipcar.



REMEMBER: share your environmental tips with a photo on Twitter or Instagram for a chance at $1,000 and a new bicycle from @Bozzuto! Use the hashtag #BeTheGreen. The winning post will be randomly selected on April 30th. Good luck!

Car Sharing Benefits the Planet – and Our Residents



April’s PAW-PARAZZI is a duo: meet Eleanor & Rigby

Rigby was only a one-year-old puppy when Eleanor was adopted from the Humane Society. Just a kitten herself, she took to Rigby on their first meeting and began to express her love by grooming the pup. Four years later she continues this loving tradition!

But these two aren’t always about the cuddles: when an epic game of tag breaks out you’ll be wise to stay out of their way! This dynamic duo has made their way into our hearts and we couldn’t be happier they found a home at The Apartments at CityCenter.

Should your pet be one of our PAW-PARAZZI? Let us know in an email to TACCconcierge@Bozzuto.com with a photo and “My Pet’s a Star” in the subject line.

Eleanor and Rigby - Apr 2015



Celebrating Earth Month

#BeTheGreen Contest & Earth Day Party

Being “green” matters to us, and we know it is important to our residents. So we are offering a grand prize to encourage you to share your own tips!

Post your environmentally conscious efforts on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win $1,000 and a new bicycle from Bozzuto. Just use the hashtag #BeTheGreen throughout this month. On April 30 one post will be randomly selected as the grand prize winner.

Residents: join us for our first Earth Day Celebration on Wednesday, April 22 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm on the Mezzanine. Enjoy locally grown organic foods and meet local green businesses that will help you #BeTheGreen.

Earth Day Party



The Concierges Around You – Continues

Sanovia Gross


Many of you know her smiling face, but how much do you know about Sanovia Gross? Here is some scoop on this Concierge and the reality is… it’s all good news.

While at Bozzuto, she wondered who would be the lucky ones to work at the brand new Apartments at CityCenter.  She still pinches herself as she comes to work each day. The hard working assistant to the Director of Resident Services considers herself the “House Mother” for the property. She selected the 3pm to 11pm shift to get the most contact with you, the residents. Her personal mission is to make sure you are comfortable.

Foodie: Sanovia confesses to love trying new foods and is enjoying all the restaurant options in the area. Need a recommendation for some new cuisine? Just ask.

Fitness: She loves getting in a run outside in nature, and recently discovered a passion for Pilates.

Pet lover: She is considered the resident “dog whisperer” and loves meeting all our furry residents. In fact, Sanovia organizes our PAW-PARAZZI – spotlighting a pet each month. On her own time, she volunteers at Coolidge Animal Hospital when she’s not at home, picking up the socks that her cat, Shadow, has left strewn across her home!

What does she want you to know? Positivity is truly her way of life. She feels blessed and wants to share that happiness. She really is happy all the time!



Taking Fools Seriously


April Fool’s Day has been a tradition for centuries, with uncertain origins. Though Shakespeare wrote of many fools in plays, the holiday was never referenced – even though there were references to April Fool’s Day that predated him.

One explanation refers to the change from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendars in the late 1500s. The newer calendar changes the start of the year from April 1 to January 1. Those who didn’t make the change were subject to pranks. A tidy explanation, however the tradition of pranks on April First predates the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar.

However it came to be, there is a rich history of pranks played throughout the years. Some of the more impressive hoaxes even fooled investigative journalists over the years. Thanks to Washington DC’s Newseum, some of the more convincing – and amusing – ones are on display at their News Corporation News History Gallery. Including:

• In 1835, The Sun’s daily sales skyrocketed when it reported that a telescope had shown the moon to be inhabited by 4–foot–tall bat-like creatures “engaged in conversation;”
• In 1844, Edgar Allen Poe made up a tale for The Sun about a balloon crossing the Atlantic Ocean in three days;
• As a newspaper reporter, Mark Twain wrote many hoaxes, including a fake article in Nevada’s Territorial Enterprise in 1862 about a misguided coroner trying to determine the cause of death of a petrified man;
• The BBC even joined in, with its 1957 broadcast about an Italian “spaghetti tree” during harvest season. The footage showed farmers dutifully picking strands of pasta off trees, prompting hundreds of viewers to ask where they could buy such trees.