The Concierges Around You – Terrifically Talented Inside & Outside Our Properties

Would you recognize Daniel Sticco, your Director of Resident Services, if you saw him outside of The Apartments at CityCenter? Perhaps not if he’s conducting or sitting behind a piano or keyboard. Our staff, teaming with some of Washington, DC’s most accomplished property managers and premium guest services providers, is mighty talented inside and outside our properties. We’ll be showing them off to you in 2015 and beyond.

Daniel is a classically trained composer and pianist. He studied professionally with renowned pianist Martha Braden Jones in New York and is an actual Broadway composer!

Daniel has conducted over 100 shows. A few of Daniel’s favorite conducting venues are at the Studio Theater, Kennedy Center, Lyric Opera House in Chicago, and Don’t Tell Mama’s Cabaret in New York, NY. Just as he performs so passionately, he also plans your activities around the property with the same gusto and passion. Stop by the desk and add a line to the melody of CityCenter programming; he’ll work it in.

Our day, night and weekend Concierge teams offer so much variety in capabilities. Throughout this year, you’ll be hearing and seeing more about the team and their special talents, including Sanovia Gross, George Cook, Tierra Epps, Tony Brown, Lauren Sneed, Blair Bryant, Brian Quander, Biniam Belachew and Charissa Loera. And we’ll be showcasing other amazing CityCenter team members on our staff as well. There are so much to see on “the other side of the tracks.”

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Taking Care of You in the New Year

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Cough, cough, sniffle, hack, sore throat, and then the ever popular chills. Blankets and warm tea won’t shake the worst colds and flu. The melodies of sick sounds are in the air, and are always looking for new human hosts.

How do you take care of yourself during the colder months? Naturally, keeping our regularly scheduled check ups are important. Physicians prescribe and advise on several remedies and medications which help. Here are five of our recommendations for keeping The Apartments at CityCenter buzzing with fun, instead of sounds of cold and flu.

1. Remember to wash your hands often. Washington our hands my not create a germ-free environment, but it can cut down on the spread of them.

2. Use antibacterial wipes and hand liquid. We have many touch – points, from the front door, to the handrail along the stairs, elevator buttons, door knobs, computer keyboards, and more. A wipe or two throughout the day can help decrease the spread of germs.

3. Consult your doctor quickly if you feel the onset of cold or flu – like symptoms. Some are skilled at ridding themselves of illness quickly. Others can see cold symptoms linger. It’s never a bad idea to connect with your physician about your health.

4. Maintain your healthy eating and fitness routine. Healthy bodies combat illnesses a lot better than when we don’t keep ourselves fit. Our FitnessFirst programming can augment most fitness programs. Check with your physician to determine which programming is best for you, then join in on the fun!

5. Suggest new programs and health topics for upcoming events. Are you very connected in the Washington, DC area and have access to fitness and healthy living experts? Let us know who they are. We can’t program around them all, but we can try.

Spring will be here before we know it! Let’s all stay healthy together.