Five Ways to Remember Your New Year’s Resolution

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Here it comes, end of year personal assessment time.  Now is the time of year when many people think of ways to make positive changes in life. We all consider ways to do things different or better, or stop doing things altogether.  Unfortunately, the New Year season soon wears off and the “resolutions” we make with it.

Making a to-do list can be relatively easy. Remembering it requires a bit more effort. Here are five tips to keep your new priorities top of mind.

  1. Keep your list short

As tempting as it may be to make a long list of improvements, the likelihood of getting through an extensive list can become exhausting. Creating one or two priorities will make it a lot easier to remember what to focus on each day.

  1. Use short descriptors for each resolution

Fancy words are great, but when it comes to daily commitments, short descriptors can be easily recalled when urges arise. Posting short lists on sticky pads, and note cards and placing them in areas you frequent such as your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or even night lamp and computer monitor can be effective.

  1. Create reasonable goals

Think about the goals you create. Are they reasonable? If you have a very ambititous challenge, try breaking it into two or three goals.  For example, if you have a goal to reduce eating out costs, creating a goal of days to cook per week is one way to impact that priority. Another goal might be to determine one eating out night per week. Another goal might be to eat left overs at least twice per week. Before you know it, you will have a full week of planned dinner goals thereby allowing you to achieve your challenge.

  1. Establish frequent milestones

Milestones are the key to keeping up with resolutions. Daily, weekly or monthly checklists can help move through the year with ease. If you are good at sticking to your goals, then monthly milestones may be best.

  1. Reward yourself along the way

Resolutions are great when we reach the finish line, but we can celebrate the entire way though if we plan it. Rewarding ourselves can be as basic as buying ourselves a new book, blouse or sweater, or as extravagent as booking a few short weekend getaways. This all depends on the timeline we set for our resolutions and how challenging they may be to reach.

The main point is to have fun along the way. 2015 is going to be great.



Walk, Talk & Then Learn More about America’s Coolest City, Washington, DC

Screenshot 2014-12-22 10.37.33It’s no secret that all eight wards of Washington, DC are alive and thriving. So much development is taking place, and restoration as well. Considering December offers so much to do with family and friends, January may be the right time to catch back up on your hobbies and personal interests. One idea is to make January your month to see more of the area. City tours are one way to get started.

Some prefer to sit on a warm bus or trolley for a docent – led sightseeing presentation. Others enjoy up close interaction with landmark historians at popular destinations. Walking tours in the District offer extraordinary learning opportunities for all ages, considering the city’s many rich stories. Walking tours cover much of the city, and neighboring cities in Maryland and Virginia, some areas more than others. Cap off your touring of the city with an all day seminar presented by The Smithsonian Associates. The event, A Capital Story: The History of Washington, D.C., 1783 to Today is January 24, 2015 from 10am to 4pm. See event details.

Getting out, enjoying the city and all it has to offer, meeting new friends, and uncovering some of DC’s best kept secrets will add excitement to your social life.  You may just become the most informed city dweller among your friends. Go ahead, wow the universe.



Celebrating the Beginning of 2015 & Ending of 2014

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Washington, DC may not have Time Square on New Year’s eve, but there is no shortage of amazing ways to begin 2015 and close out 2014. If you’re trying to determine how to celebrate, see this list of local events. There are countless other lists as well, many which include everything from social gatherings at places like the 9:30 Club where Torche and Lionize will perform, Old Town Alexandria’s First Night family friendly event which includes a fireworks display, Potomac River event ship cruises, and more. 

If you’re planning to stay in and need advice on the best places to pick up holiday party supplies, stop by the concierge. We’ve got tons of ideas to help you ring in the New Year in your own special way.



Office Party

Lots of office parties and celebrations on your calendar this season? If Mad Men were still running, perhaps Don, Joan, Roger and the crew would be gearing up for their party, too. In fact, most offices are preparing for their annual holiday celebrations, and don’t forget the department and team get – togethers. With so much food all around, including our own CityCenterDC entertainment events, some of us will have to work harder than others to maintain our dress and pants sizes. 

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a snapshot at December FitnessFirst events available to you as residents.

Hassle – Free Therapy

Hassle Free Thursday is the name of this event.

Dec. 11th

Join Hassle Free Therapy for a strength, flexibility and energy building workout. Not only will you burn off some holiday calories, but also decrease shoulder and back pressure.


V Fusion & Yoga


Join V.FIT to keep your core tight, your muscles tone and to boost your metabolism. Then enjoy a cool down of yoga which will emphasize basic poses and breathing techniques.

Vida Fitness

Masterbod Training

Dec. 16th – New Date

You’ll love this class hosted by Vida Fitness, which is a strength training and cardio infused program. You’re sure to experience better posture and endurance.

Dahn Yoga

Energy Yoga & Meditation

Dec. 18th

Dahn Yoga will show you the style of meridian stretching. Also, learn deep breathing and energy meditation techniques. Beginner level participants are welcome.

All these programs, and more around the property helps us stay on top of our health together. Imagine how great it will be to go wardrobe shopping in 2015 having survived the holiday bulge. Naturally, high end shopping opportunities are on the property. It doesn’t get any easier.



Our Cool Weather Entertainment Series Continues in December

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We’ve got another amazing evening of entertainment planned for you at The Apartments at CityCenter. This December 17th, from 7:00 – 8:30p.m., gather with your neighbors while listening to the sounds of Nasar Abadey.

Nasar Abadey, drummer and composer, was inspired by legends such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Duke Ellington. He has played with greats from Dizzy Gillespie, to Ella Fitzgerald; Eartha Kitt, Stanley Turrentine, and Charlie Rouse, to name some.

A few of his albums are: Diamond in the Rough, Mirage, Theory & Practice and Allen’s Odyssey by King James. Samples of his music can be played at www.NasarAbadey.com.

In addition to playing, Nasar is also Professor of Jazz Percussion in the Jazz Studies department at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. 

Crystal City Sports Pub will cater this sensational event. Mark your calendars and prepare to ease into a jazz – filled paradise. This is an exclusive residents and guests only, jazz music treat here at The Apartments at CityCenter. See other upcoming events at CityCenterDC. Click here.