Support for The Capital Area Food Bank This Holiday Season

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Not everyone has a warm home, adequate nutrition, and family to spend the holidays with each year. In fact, in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan region, many struggle with basic daily living needs. According to the Capital Area Food Bank’s Website, nearly 700,000 Washington, DC area residents are at risk of hunger.

This is one reason why The Apartments at CityCenter participate in charitable events in Washington, DC.  This season we are supporting the Capital Area Food Bank.

From now until December 22, 2014 at 7 p.m., residents may drop off their food donations at the concierge desk.

Some of the donation needs include:

Speaking of winter time giving opportunities, The Apartments at CityCenter is also participating in the local area’s Toys for Tots program. You may drop off a new and unwrapped toy at the concierge desk from December 1st – 22nd, 2014, at 7 p.m., and that toy will be added to the hundreds of thousands of toys to be distributed to local area children in need. Did you know that Toys for Tots was originally started by a Marine Corps Reservist, Major Bill Hendricks? Read about this special story at www.toysfortots.org.

Don’t fret, we have not left out our fury friends. We’re working with Home Buddies by collecting gifts for dogs.  Gifts for dogs may be dropped off December 1st – 22nd at 7 p.m., at the concierge’s desk. All gifts for pets will be donated to the Washington Human Society

Pitch in and help out. If you’re in the spirit to do even more this winter season, which promises to be very cold, click here for a list of area charities and volunteer opportunities. Tell us about other charities you would like to see included in future holiday seasons. We’d love to learn about some of your favorite ways to help those in need. Send an email to taccconcierge@bozzuto.com or submit your request through BuildingLink.



Relaxing After Work… Around CityCenterDC

Restful evenings

Would you ever consider yourself a homebody, a couch potato, a laid-back, watch-a-few-great-shows, and fall-asleep-on-the-sofa type of person? For some, the winter can be fun. For others, the cold can be unbearable.  At The Apartments at CityCenter, we know that our residents have their preferences, and we aim to meet them all. This is one reason why we have so many types of activities planned for the colder months, many of which are indoors. 

We publish a monthly actives calendar to keep you connected to the CityCenterDC neighborhood, and our social media accounts are also a great way to stay connected. We would like to hear some of your ideas for indoor entertainment our residents might enjoy. Visit our concierge to share your indoor winter ideas. 



Washington, DC – Five Winter Pastimes for City Dwellers

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Winter officially begins December 21, 2014, but the cold weather can make it seem as if it has already arrived. If you are a new resident to the Washington, DC Metro area, then there are a few popular winter pastimes you should know about. If you’re a long time DC resident, or perhaps a native Washingtonian, feel free to send us other popular winter activities to share with your fellow residents.

  1. Holiday tree lighting at the White House – Everyone should see it at least once. While you are there, check out other great activities on the National Mall and downtown area. Add even more fun by catching a ride on a horse-drawn carriage.
  2. Live theater productions – Mystical is a great word to describe what it feels like during the holidays in the Nation’s Capital. Seeing a winter musical or stringed ensemble with loved ones or friends adds a special element of excitement.
  3. Sporting events – Yes, the cold can be a bit much, but sitting outdoors with hot cocoa, dressed in full winter regalia, is a must do at least once. DC Parks and Recreation has dozens of games around the city. Local youth compete every weekend, and watching them play can be a lot of fun. If outdoor events are a bit much, there are plenty indoor facilities to enjoy sports, such as the Verizon Center, located within a few blocks from CityCenterDC.
  4. Snowman building – If you’re from the Northwest or Midwest region of the country, you may be surprised to see how much snow falls in The District of Columbia.  Building snowmen, making snow angels, snow-sledding, and even skis can be seen all around the city. You’re encouraged to join in on the fun. This may be a good time to get to know your neighbors and build a snowman together.
  5. Holiday parties. Hundreds of parties are thrown each year in the city, and many of them happen downtown. You may receive several invitations. If by some chance you’re not invited to any holiday parties, you can throw your own small gathering. Our concierge can help you book a space. The cold air, music, lights and laughter will make it a winter party to remember.




How Do You Take Your Fitness?

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Does working out come easy for you? Ever just people watch at the gym? Everybody has their own “approach” to getting in their fitness time. Some prefer to workout alone. These people hit all their favorite machines, and find pleasure in pushing themselves pass their own limits. While some prefer to work with a trainer for guidance and support, others like classes. You name it, they’ve tried it. People who prefer fitness classes seem engaged when surrounded by people with similar fitness goals, while others are fine by themselves. Sound familiar? We have you in mind, which is one reason why The Apartments at CityCenter offers such a vast CenterClub. 

While some remain engaged in a regular workout routine, there are the people who don’t seem to connect at all. They try hard when going to the gym but are easily overwhelmed by the whole gym experience. You see them show up. They try this machine, or that machine, do some cardio, join a class or two or three, and before long they fall off until the gym is no longer a priority. They may retreat to their homes, but before long they are back at the gym to try it all over again. Is this you? If so we have covered as well. The Apartments at CityCenter staff create classes to accommodate you.

FitnessFirst programming covers all workout or non-workout preferences; we offer something for everybody. And we remain interested in adding more to the program, all to accommodate YOUR routine. FitnessFirst is the name of our healthy lifestyle programming. Through it, we offer access to the latest physical fitness and healthy living options. With the holidays coming, visiting the CenterClub may be on the top of your priority list. Visit the concierge’s desk if you’d like to see a new class added, or new feature offered, anything to help you obtain and maintain the life you want.